The Case Of The Puppy Academy #ArizonaTape #TheCaseofThePuppyAcademy #Kindle

Title: The Case of The Puppy Academy
Author: Arizona Tape
Publish Date: Dec 30, 2019
Free Short Story
Rating: 🥄🥄🥄

As usual… review does contain spoilers.

I downloaded this to read because it was PUPPY ACADEMY and had something to do with hellhounds. Like, adorable but also a hellhound? Hit the cuteness checks that I need for a story.

This is a short story that sits between books in Samantha Rain Mysteries. I was not aware of that when I started this and it may impact my opinion of the stories and interactions with these characters.

What is on Goodreads:

Even hellhounds need training. 

When Samantha Rain takes her hellhound to school, she hoped to be surrounded by adorable magical puppies. Instead, she finds herself at the heart of a mystery and she’s forced to investigate a jewellery thief. With all the important people at the Puppy Academy, she can’t afford to step on any toes… or paws.

– The Case of The Puppy Academy summary

Lesbian lead (love!!).. with a will they won’t they kind of thing. I was looking for more story and mystery with the puppy and all that more than anything. I love short stories that hyper focus on things like that.

I do not like the female lead or her crush that is her boss. They are not great people and I like reading about people who aren’t just gross to others for the sake of it.

The dialogue with her boss is kind of cringey. The boss acts like a teenager. It does not flow and it is kind of awkwardly built in this. Maybe it is the short story and having to pile in what you can under a set word count. But if you are in training to take over something that you’re considered a mob boss I’d hope you didn’t act… silly.

Also, the lead character was a dick toward the dog trainer at the facility they had to be at. Due to the person gossiping about her boss. I do not know which books this is between but it sounds like she’s NEW to this world. Her boss TRICKED her into this world. And then, she’s defending them obnoxiously at a facility where she needs to train. It’s meant to be a neutral area but it didn’t feel that way when she threatened to speak with the woman’s Mob boss lady.

I did not like how they investigated. There was a lot of sloppy questioning and her boss has behavioral issues that need to be worked out. I like love interests who are level headed and so this was a bummer. I did like that the villain was cute animal things who liked shiny stuff.

They LITERALLY brought this receptionist to the building to solve what was causing the crimes. They apparently DID NOT NEED TO and all they do is be rude to her.

“Oh, I am, but they’ve been building up to this episode for weeks now. Billy can stand to win—” “Can you just shut up for five minutes?” Samantha quipped. “I’m trying to hear something.”

– toward the end when they were solving shit.

“She was just so…” She searched for the right word. A kind word. “Incompetent.” Lilith snorted. “Oh, she was horrible.”

– at the end of the story

Cozy mysteries that I read aren’t usually just icky people solving shit. But I do not plan on reading anything else from this particular series. I am not giving up on this author due to her fantasy creatures aren’t all just typical things. This one is a prequel to another series this author writes so I am hoping that it’s enjoyable.

I’m currently in the mood for cutesy shorts and hoping that this scratches that itch.

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