Books I couldn’t Finish #DNFLIST #LittleSliceofHell #OnlyEverYours

Title: Little Slice of Hell
Author: Clio Evans
Publish Date: Oct 2021
Rating: DNF

There was no real chemistry between the Incubus and the human. Supposedly the human was his mate and was his, etc. Dialogue between characters were awkward and the sex scenes were…. not great. Not the best description but they were not written well for all that was all supposed to be going on. I was confused in parts. I made it halfway before given up —- this book is only 87 pages.

This book has a trigger warning at the start and list what to expect in it. I was fully prepared for what I was going to get in the story. I just, the text was cringey and hard to keep going in.

Title: Only Ever Yours
Author: Nikki Ash
Published: Jan 2022
Rating: DNF

I only made it 8% on this one. Things may have got normal. The male love interest was written weird and he’s the one that starts the story. I think the story should have started with the female love interest to move the story. Hers felt more like a living person and someone to root for?

I’m Isaac Petrosian, real estate developer and vigilante.

Like the fuck? WHAT haha.

Didn’t want to root for the male character. Felt he was a dumb jackass of a human who deserves nothing.

when you’re running one of the largest real estate development companies in the country and have enemies standing on the sidelines waiting at every turn to see you fail.

I’ve never experienced real estate development being some hard core enemy shit. So, this concept of having enemies was wild.

“When are you going to finally realize that most women are conniving manipulators?”

This author writes male characters as dicks. Like, I don’t know if she’s going for dark romance that you fall in love with an actual asshole of a man. I do know this description of men is not my cup of tea. I prefer men who … the people they are sexually attracted to.

This last quote was said by his friend. But he didn’t disagree or have issue with his friend saying these things. The beginning of the book starts off with weird sexist shit, too.

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