No Strings

No Strings: A single Dad Romance
Author: Nikki Ash
Length: 395 pages
Published: October 21, 2021

Rating: 🥄🥄🥄

This is not a netgalley review or anything. This was a romance recommended on TikTok from @indieromancebishes This post contains spoilers …which are just a mini rant.

Do not read all the tags in this post if you do not wish to be spoiled by some elements. Read them if you want any information on story tropes you like to read.

This is as character driven story as a romance — in my opinion– should always be. Cos’ why read a romance if you don’t give a darn about

This follows a recent divorce Savannah. Who was betrayed by her best friend. And, the single father who owns companies who does not settle down. She does not want to settle down either. She wants to start a new life and get over the betrayal.


Really cute relationship that the FMC develops with the son. She realizes that the son is seeking attention — just not in the best way. She takes what she sees and starts pulling from that and directing that attention seeking into a positive with her. He receives her attention in a positive way and he continues to seek it out.

Versus the way he is getting the attention from his mom, stepdad and dad. He is trying to push them and rage against everything. All they keep seeing is negative behavior and that they do not know where it came from. His mom even is frustrated because this is not how her son used to act. So she sends him to his dads because she’s at a loss of what to do.

There is a genuine interest in one another as people — physical and behaviors. No creepy stalker vibes or possessiveness that is not natural to wanting someone in your life. Which was great. The jealousy vibe to the relationship was just enough to be cute and not ughhhh cut this man out of your life.

She as sincere interest in the man and his kid — concerned with every element. He does, too.

The sex scenes are okay. I don’t think I’ll ever fully enjoy sex scenes in books. Not because I’m prudish but because they typically happen in the same way. My vibes aren’t work desk or in our apartments gym.

Romance was there and I liked following the two characters through their time together and why it’s 3 spoons.


Just general confusion:
The main female character does not know who Batman is? I understand not knowing every actor who plays Batman so there would be a natural confusion to the joke that is told to her. But I do not understand how it feels that she does not know the character at all. Considering they are huge movies out currently.

It kind of made it feel that the character was oblivious to ….modern? Northern? things? Like movie knowledge was only a Yank thing? The author is from Florida so I was kind of weirded out that she went for a weird type of Southern woman. I know Florida does not consider itself southern and doesn’t really act like it.

But she did succeed into displaying a southern character in a weird way.

The Main female character gets a job as a CFO due to her friend being the sister of the owner of the company. But we never see her working — she’s either calling in sick or vacation days or whatever to be out of work. I know she received the job because she was besties but like….what.

I don’t know if this was intent of the author but another element:

The character was out of shape but had a good looking body — attractive enough to the male protag. But would eat and drink junk while on the treadmill. It looks like she is walking ten minutes at a time every day on the treadmill. It does look like later on that she is on the treadmill longer than what the main male protag thinks.

But it does kind of buys into the stereotype of eating/physical activity of southerners — inactive and eat junk food. I think it was supposed to be a quirky “I’m not like other girls” thing but.

Male Character behavior:

I do not like the way the male main character acts towards his baby mama. He says that she tricked him into a pregnancy hoping that things would work out. That if she was pregnant that he would stick around and settle down or whatever nonsense.

—— Spoilers ——

The end of the book does a lot of time jumps

But his behavior with his new partner makes me wonder if… it is negatively portrayed situation due to him not wanting to be with the mom. I know it’s not that deep, it’s a romance.

But he has unprotected sex with the FMC multiple times. For someone who wanted to not have children again, he sure asf was not making sure that was not going to happen again.

He’s mournful with the female character when she realizes ..once again she cannot have children. Like, I know this character is falling in love with her and that perception is shifting due to this.

But i do not like how there was a “My baby mama tricked me by saying she was on birth control when she was not.” But with this woman he has had sex with her unprotected multiple times. It’s really awkward shit behavior of this character, y’know?

Magic Pregnancy with the Right Man Trope

This probably has an actual trope name but I don’t know enough to know it. I do NOT like that a female protag cannot have a baby until she’s with the right person. This develops an idea that .. if you get pregnant you’re with the right person.

It’s also icky for someone who cannot have a baby to read. It felt awkward to read. I was really excited to have a FMC who could not have a baby. And I should really know better when reading romances that they’ll always somehow magically have a baby by the end of the book.

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