Covid Adventures

Week of January 10th was wild with sickness at my school. Last week we went virtual due to the amount of students and staff absent due to either having covid or in quarantine. This virtual week for me was a bit of a mess because I am still getting over COVID symptoms –I have an autoimmune disorder and it takes me longer to get over sicknesses.

I’m also worried mine is trying to develop into bronchitis. Typically when I get sick with a cold it usually develops into bronchitis. I was sick over Christmas break due to getting a lot of dirt thrown into my face by the wind (UGH). Allergies were bad.

Then COVID symptoms and dealing with that. We go back in person Monday. I will still have students who are in quarantine. I will be managing online class work and my in-person students.

I am still dealing with low energy. I will have umph that will dwindle before the end of the day and it’s so frustrating. I already deal with fatigue due to my chronic illness and now I have more?!

It’s been rough for me and I’m grateful we went virtual this week it allowed me to get ready for the upcoming weeks and allowed me more time to rest while I worked.

Next week we will be completing the star testing for the state. It is going to be a wild ride.

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