Covid Chronicles

I have taken two at home covid test that state that I am negative for covid. However, three out of us who are at home sick from my team have tested positive for COVID. So, I believe I am hitting false negatives with my at home tests. We are driving to take one a the pharmacy today at 12:45 so hopefully that will allow us to know more.

The child has developing the rough sounding cough that I did. I started coughing in the middle of mine when I started developing mucus and heavy breathing. So, I don’t know if she’s been sick and didn’t want to tell anyone — she doesn’t like the taste of medicine and would not tell someone to avoid that.

My boyfriend hasn’t developed anything other than fatigue. But I’m having him take cold meds, anyway.

I cannot go see a primary care doctor due to my new patient appointment with mine is not until Jan 25th. I cannot even email the doctor’s office until then due to being a new patient.

I have missed four days of work due to this illness that has not been verified as COVID. But I would find it odd that the four of us sick — 3 have COVID and I happened to catch something similar on the same weekend as they did?

We are buying more masks when we go get COVID test completed and hopefully can buy them at the window…so neither of us have to step inside.


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