Motherducking Magic #MotherduckingMagic #Review

Title: Motherducking Magic

Book: Motherducking Magic

Author: Michelle Fox

Published: March 30, 2020

Status: DNF’d

I purchased this. This is not a Netgalley ARC.

Cheesy Replacement cuss words? Cheesy situation at the beginning of the book? Failure in her life (to others)? These checked everything I need in a light hearted fall in love story.

It felt like we hit a different story and different objectives. We started off strong with a situation that I thought was showing me how the energy was going to go in the story.

She was fighting a school-bully and the silliness of using charms and dealing with this woman. I liked the fast pace, and how she dealt with people she grew up around.

Then we moved into a different situation with a werewolf and the witch queen (I think she’s called something else). I didn’t like how that rolled out and the story felt ugh, …and so I didn’t complete it at 61%.

This can be purchased or downloaded through Kindle Unlimited. I think it’s still readable and others may end up liking it more and want to go read it. It has enough good reviews that I feel like I must have missed something in the story that resonated with other readers.

It’s a really easy read and should have been a fast read — I mean I did hit 61% within a few hours before I gave up. It really needed more and consistency for me to keep going.

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