Black Hat, White Witch – Hailey Edwards

Title: Black Hat White Witch

Author: Hailey Edwards

Published: June 28th, 2021

Rating: 🥄🥄🥄

There is already two sequels to this first book as I’m writing this review. I just finished this one. It took me awhile from buying it when it came out — I preordered so it would be in my kindle app ready for me when the day arrived.

It’s December. I really read it through September but stopped midway. I enjoyed the connection of Rue and Colby. That is what brought me into the story. I like rag tag families or created families due to guilt of why you were create in the first place (same thing, right?).

The way the story introduced the two agents from the Black Hat was decent. You could read – feel – the connection between Rue and Clay…and the wariness of how she felt around his new partner Asa (or due to her extreme attraction to him?).

They show up because the case that made her leave the agency now had a copy cat and they need her back. Whether she wants to or not. This time she is just a contact for the agency, consulting cases that pertain to her skills or previous jobs.

I did like how they ended things with the team, and her & Colby bonding. I did not like villain of the story and the hollow-ness of that in respect. I do like the “I don’t even know who you are” that Rue went through when they were finalizing the situation. I like those elements in a story that the bad people negatively impacting those around you….are not always people you know.

I did like that Asa was not the copy cat killer as there was a lot of confused flirting and suspicion on this character. He’s a fae / demon and seems like someone who was genuine so I was going to be annoyed if he befriended Clay to get close to Rue to do something. Though this IS the first book and I haven’t started the next ones…who knows where they’ll take this.

There is a light amount of flirting, lusting after and it becomes apparent that it is mutual toward the end of the book though in a really weird rushed way. Like more rushed than some elements in this story. Like this was attached to the end of the story because it was just thought of and it needs to make sense to end the story.

I do plan on reading the next book to continue on and see how the second book works out. From what was said in her Facebook group it sounded like she was struggling at this period of time of the creation of this story. So, I am hoping to see more fleshed out story in the following books.

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