Book Tag | The Last 10 Books Tag

Book Tag | The Last 10 Books Tag

Stolen from: WHisperingstories

Last Book I Bought:

A History of Wild Places
A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw

This was purchased through Book of the Month site.

Last Book I Re-Read:

I do not re-read books that I read for pleasure. Now, books that I read to students or kids in my life..those get re-read as that is their purpose. But I don’t enjoy re-reading books.

Last Book I Said I Read But Didn’t:

I cannot recall a book I claimed to have read that I really didn’t. But I bet it was a book that I was supposed to have read in high school and didn’t. But still passed the school assignment connected to it.

Last Book I Wrote in the Margins Of:

Most books that I read are now eBooks so I rarely read physical books. I also don’t regularly write in books I am reading — unless it’s a book I purchased to read for a school project. Then it is written in, post-its everywhere, etc.

Last Book I Lost:

Probably a lot that I do not remember losing along the way.

Last Book That I Had Signed:

I purchased a book from Hailey Edwards she overs books for sale on her website that she puts in a lil’ note with her signature. It’s cute. I have purchased two from her site:

Last Book I Had to Replace:

Thankfully, none that I am aware of. Unless you count purchasing the eBook as a sort of “replacement”.

I am going to take this as digital book replacement because that’s what I did with this book LOL. It’s the first Wheels of Time Book:

The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan

Last Book I Argued Over:

I am getting old I do not argue over books or characters as often as I used to.

Last Book You Couldn’t Find:

Like that I lost at my house or that I was looking online to purchase but couldn’t find it? There are a lot that happens when I am trying to buy a book because they’re more popular than what I had thought they would be…. or do to the product shortages we are dealing with right now in 2021.

Fair use,


  1. Oh! I loved Eye of the World. I do think a lot of modern fantasy readers don’t care for it, because it has more of a Tolkien vibe. That changes as the series goes on though. It transitions into way more of a modern fantasy vibe with each successive book.

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    1. Yes! Very Tolkien. My boyfriend loves Tolkien and “just doesn’t see that in the WHeel of Time”. I wish I could put a face palm emoji here. I didn’t get too far into the series so I didn’t get to experience the stepping away from the Tolk vibes.


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