Currently Reading:

Cursed Luck

CURSED LUCK by Kelley Armstrong. I picked it up from the library which will probably want their book back soon…so I’m trying to read it fairly fast as I can. But I also have schoolwork to get through that is taking up the time. Which means, I am using this blog post to procrastinate schoolwork that I do not have time to procrastinate.

But it is good so far I am in the fourth chapter. The main character is likeable. The male characters will find out soon enough. She writes male leads well enough that I don’t expect anything other than interesting OR REALLY LOVE. One of the two.

This one is my ebook read from Hailey Edwards. So far from the beginning I am enjoying every character and interaction and where it is going. It already has the first sequel out. I’m reading as time allows me to. I decided to go get my masters degree while teaching full-time. You know, consequences of my own action kinda thing.

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