Banshee Song ; Jen Katemi

Book: Banshee song
Blood Fae Chronicles Book 2
Author: Jen Katemi
Publisher: Flourish Books
Publish day: Dec. 7th 2020
Romance | Sci fi / Fantasy

Her banshee song is her weapon… will it be enough to save those she loves?

This is a sequel that reads well enough to be a standalone imo. Netgalley download free exchange …free review.

Awesome. If there’s anything I hate more than a cynical man, it’s cynical man with fae blood running through his veins.

The story follows a Banshee who sings at a theater for a living. She finds out that something or someone wants to possibly kill her. Her mother sends a sexy fairie warrier to protect her from whatever it is…

Of course, this threat isn’t something she takes too seriously.

The writing for this story is easy to climb into and feel as if you’re bundled into something familiar and cozy.

Hold on to the fury. It’s safer to focus on that, than to fall apart in terror.

The female lead is part human⁸, part banshee. She is likeable from what information and how she reacts to the world, people and situations that are in and happening around her.

She lived a life of foster home and the turmoil of an absent mother who pops into your life ….. after all the child raising occurred and only for brief moments.

Netgalley for this advertises this as a steamy paranormal romance. It’s paranormal and a romance. Steamy? Ehhhh. I’m new to paranormal romance novels so it’s possibly known steamy simply means written out sex scenes and not fade to black/ closed door.

This book is short. My Kindle said it would take me 2 hours to read, Amazon shows 206 pages.

Bring it on, bitches. I still have a voice, and this banshee is not afraid to use it.

So short and for me steamy is a build up and release which was missing within its pages.

Tarrien is the love interest. Who is not supposed to fall in love or want love. But to be a warrior for the winter fae. He is utterly crap at sticking to this whole premise of what these winter warriors are meant to be … no restraint.

I liked and enjoyed reading about these two. The writer makes you want to root for them and want that HEA OR HFN.

WOULD recommend 👌

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