His Doll by Leah Colton #HisDoll #NetGalley

His Doll
Author: Leah Colton
Published: December 31, 2020
Publisher: BooksGoSocial

This is downloaded through Netgalley free & free review of a very short story called His Doll. It’s listed as an erotica / romance with clumsy characters and mislabeling? It’s not really either of those things but it feels like there was an attempt.

It’s really short, for me, took less than 30 minutes to read. There is no connection to the characters or the reason for doing anything. The lead male is attempted to look like those hardheaded, strict overbearing bosses who will fire at whim because he’s alpha. But it reads more of just an asshole…..and the attempt to show a sympathetic leaning due to the death of his wife and how he still loves her…

…..then a weird spin of a girl he fires and her attempts to look like his wife to make him fall for her? to get her job back? To have sex? If it was fleshed out more and ….more editing/proofreading and possibly more beta reading to help pinpoint errors this story could have been a more creepy-erotica-romance thing than anything, that would have been something interesting with what…was attempted.

But I’m not here to re-write this but it feels like the author had several paths she was trying to go down but decided to quick walking and just stand there.

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