#CanWeTalkAboutConsent #NetGalley

Can We Talk About Consent?

Written by Justin Hancock
Illustrated by Fuchsia Macaree
Released: Jan 12, 2021


Four out of five spoons imo

I received a digital copy of this through Netgalley. The book begins with demonstrating consent via the book presenting the reader the option to keep reading or stop reading the book.

Then explains the author and his credentials for writing a book about consent. It describes the book as not a sex book but a book about sex and consent. It presents consent in more than just sexual situations.

It is a great, colorful book about sex and consent — consent even outside of sex. There is no religious undertones to this work. It covers racism, classism, transphobia/homophobia, ableism, etc.

Great for Tweens and Teens. Not an appropriate text for anyone younger due to amount of text and how it is presented to readers. It reads as if it’s meant for tweens/teens.

So, learning to choose, even about the small things, is an important practice. The more we practice, the better we’ll get and the quicker we’ll be making choices for ourselves.

I absolutely like that there is no discussion of religion or religious undertones to consent, self-care and how to handle these situations. It is age appropriate for Tweens and Teens.

It literally does what it says — talks about various ways consent works in the world that isn’t just sex.

Listen to their no

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