The Tome of the Magi (Fate of the Magi, #1) FREE

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FREE FOR NOW EBOOK ON AMAZON. I believe the author stated for a week.

Since COVID-19 isolation there are a LOT OF authors and other creatives sending out free things into the universe (your preferred electronic device). I am going to try to post the ones I find interesting/picked up along the way/reading.

I am considered “Essential” so I still have to go into work every day. We aren’t sure how long before we are working at home but we’ll find out in the coming days.

I am praying I am one of the ones going to work at home. I have an autoimmune disease and this is, personally, scary and anxiety inducing situation.

My sister works in the same company that I do. Her position will not have a work at home option. Neither does my other sisters who is in an “essential” position. My dad’s position is considered essential as well. So, basically, all my family is going to and from work.

One brother in law risks being laid off because of gas prices dropping and the other is ‘essential’ but gets to work from home.

My city is getting strict on traveling and what businesses can be open. Things are changing rapidly, almost every day and there isn’t a lot of time to recoup and register fully what is going on in the world.

We are lower end of COVID-19 cases and are skyrocketing in negative COVID-19 cases. But the more time passes and the lax way my state runs things… who knows what the next few weeks brings for us.

Alright back to the scheduled program…. here is a copy & pasted information about the book:

After having her childhood ripped from her, Talia Farmer has made a new life for herself in the northern city of Casita. Running grifts on minor nobles and crooked merchants puts a roof over her head, but she needs something more.

A rumor of a book that can’t be opened upends her life once more. As she chases after the elusive book, she starts to discover hidden secrets that put her in immediate and mortal danger. Through it all, a burning question drives her: Who are the magi, and where did they go?

The Tome of the Magi

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