Crocs Women’s Crocs At Work Flat Bruising RVW

My original flats, a Skechers walking shoe, the backs started weakening. For someone like me with Rheumatoid Arthritis, your joints need all the support it can get. These were failing me. So, I got Crocs work flats. They are SUPER CUTE and I know from other people that Crocs are extremely comfortable.

Size 8, because they do not have middle sizes. They arrived and I had moderate hopes for these beautiful things. They were larger than I needed. But thicker socks they were okay, and the rubber body supported the ankles so there was less fear walking.

They were larger so they did make noises as I moved a long. After a few days I decided to get an exchange, to a 7, hopefully they’d fit closer to a 7.5. No. They were a lot smaller than I could deal but deal… I did…and still no good results.

Slowly, my feet began bruising until I got to the point where I had to purchase another shoe. I purchased Skechers, Women’s Go Walk 4. They are magical.

Bruising I could Photograph

My feet are steal healing from dealing with the Crocs. But in these shoes? I barely feel the bruising. There is SO MUCH CUSHION. They’re cute and they abide by the dress code at work.

I had to spend twenty something more dollars but… I should have known not to wander away from Skechers.

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