Car Wreck

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My new boyfriend was taking us to his place. He had a dryer coming and so we were going to wait for it. I was tired and not talkative so I mumbled-grumbled agreed to go. I wanted to go to Wal-mart and get Cold Sore Medicine but didn’t ask to go ..because dryer wait.

Now, I wish I had spoke about it. We were turning left on a city street where you really shouldn’t turn left but people do anyway. It’s 5:30p, dark and rainy, we didn’t see the car zooming through until it was too late. Hit it.

The young lady we hit was a mess, emotionally and it was frustrating. But I mean, I understood why but it was hard to work with her. The boyfriend got out (he’s fine), and started documenting the wreck and was trying to get her car make/model and license information — she fought about it.

He called the police but they were on operation slick street — which means we go to the internet and write up our incident and it’ll get dealt with. When the girl found out that it was that she was, “BUT MY CAR! I CAN’T DRIVE IT ANYWHERE.” and made it like she had no way of getting away from the accident. Calls demands police/ambulance services. Gets them.

As we’re WAITING FOR THESE ITEMS… her boyfriend pulls up and TAKES HER FROM THE SCENE FOR SEVERAL MINUTES. I don’t know what the fuck was going on but anyway, but when the ambulance and cops arrive — she’s back to be taken in the ambulance.

I know we all act weird in car wrecks but why did they leave. Anyway, I declined ambulance because I felt okay. I made sure the kid was fine. The boyfriend was fine. Everyone’s fine. The girl that was hit takes an ambulance (she’s fine). By time we start heading home I needed to go to the hosp I was in A LOT OF PAIN.

Two weeks ago, I sprained my foot and didn’t think I did anything to it. SOOOO… my judgement of pain and what’s happening isn’t as good as it used to be.

Nothing’s broke, Muscle wall is bruised. Where the seatbelt was, bruised…. bruises and bruised bruised bruised. Severely and really bruised.

That’s all I had for today.

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