Forgotten Pages

The adjustment to single life and then back into a relationship life has turned things, different. It’s an adjustment though a fast forward from single life, I now know I can survive alone.

I can live alone and still date the same someone like a normal, healthy human being. The only thing is the learning how to balance this with wanting to do things alone — like reading, playing video games or just laying in bed zoned out.

Currently, working on schoolwork. I’m hoping to squeeze in reading… when I figure out how to with my schedule. Now, I plan on getting holiday work so that I have extra funding during this holiday season.

On top of it: Chronic Illness Life of me… My period is on the fifth week. I bled through my pants at work and had to message my sister asking her to bring me something to switch into. Everything hurts. My legs hurt, especially, from it. Last period was four months with spotting. This is five months of spotting and surprise bleed through. I have a doctor appointment Thursday to address all of this.

Getting RA doctor referral — !!! I have health insurance so I’ll be able to see my RA doctor soon (approx 6 mo’s). I hope we can find medication that really knocks down the symptoms. If it’s like the medication I’m on now where I have a couple months of reprieve… I will take it.

Life is just…. so much fucking different today than I imagined it was supposed to be.

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