Spoonie In

So, physically have been doing okay for the last three months. I have been having small flare ups that have slowed me down.

Thursday while at work my leg started acting up. So much so I emailed my boss telling her it hurt and I needed to go. I needed to lay down but there’s no where to lay down while at work and do my job.

I missed twenty minutes of work but I hobbled down to the parking lot and laid on the bench. If I was able to do my job and lay down I would have made it through the rest of my shift.

It has also helped show me that my job is not very handicap friendly with the way the doors are made. There is no handicap button to press to let you in and out of the building. You have to do everything manually.

This is the same for going inside the floor where we work. Someone did help keep the door open for me once through my shift. But there’s usually not someone around when entering and exiting doors because we all have breaks at different times or come back at different times.

I ended up doing my lunch and breaks AT MY DESK because I was worried that I would get too far away and not be able to come back to work. Which I think confused my boss because she kept asking me questions about work. Thankfully, she didn’t ask why I wasn’t on the phone. Ha.

Today’s date is at my house. He’s cooking dinner and we’re going to watch a movie. We’re both cash broke and couldn’t think of something else to do. But it worked out because I CANT FUCKING WALK RIGHT NOW.

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