Dating Adventures

So, the guy who said he was interested in me, apparently, isn’t interested in me. Thankfully, I found this out in the most awkward way possible when my sister tried to intervene in the situation by making it worse.

She sent him a juvenile message about wanting him to come over to have “intimate fun”. He declined saying he wasn’t interested in me in that way. I find out when she walks out of my kitchen to tell me the guy is a dick.

I let her have my phone to harass my ex-boyfriend of twelve years. It’s childish but whatever. So, she went on and proceeded to do that. Along with adding someone to my Facebook page.

She apologized about it saying that she didn’t think it through. Which she isn’t wrong but then it tumbled into an awkward conversation with the guy.

Then, as I was going to bed I overthought it with the fact that he did state that he was interested. Why tell someone that to begin with and not mean it. I didn’t send the text messages or ask or knew what she was doing. But now that I was sitting in that situation I wanted to know more. Of course, knowing more didn’t happen because he had to go.

I’ve repeatedly told him he can say things plainly I’m not going to egg his car or murder him over these things. I have no problem with the truth. I dislike and get aggravated when things are walked around and avoided instead of saying it outright.

I plain as day said I was interested in pursuing something so I think he felt he had to be nice. Which is dumb and I had already told him that I don’t like people wasting my time. I am legitimate when I say don’t waste my time/etc.

Said he has no problem with staying friends and talking about books. Which my younger sister and I had been talking about how whatever this was wasn’t going anywhere. And as she said, “Just keeping him around cos books”.

But the way my brain works want to pick at things for further explanation on things even if I legitimately have no interest in them. Which, in a way I do…and have no idea why I do and don’t.

But he had also stated he was “Kinda done with it.” so I’m not even sure where to go from that. It’s annoying when you’re interacting with someone who isn’t as straightforward as they claim they are. If I do inquire, I’ll probably never get an actual answer to begin with.

Nonetheless I deleted him off my phone to help resist messaging him. I do like talking to him about random topics, especially, books but that’s it. I’m just extremely embarrassed about how this came into being.

I love my sister but I am completely annoyed and still angry about this. I’ll survive. But she thought she was fixing my dating issues and didn’t think about anything else. Also, annoyed that she figured out how to use an android, specifically, to do this. She doesn’t have a lot of interaction with androids as her family uses apple products.

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