The Luminous Dead

I started this a few weeks ago right around when I started my new job. It was good until middle point where trekking through the caves became tedious.

It went from holy shit what is going on, what will happen to “just get out of the caves already.”

It follows a diver, Gyre, who deceived her way into a diver mission. She went and modified herself to succeed on this job. They have modified the people who dive… to avoid creatures called tunnelers. She’s fine with this because this cave expedition is paying a lot of money for this. The money she plans to use to find her mother who ran away.

She starts to realize her only team above guiding her is one person named Em. Which is weird and starts the buils up of Gyre’s paranoia. Which we begin to see worsen as the story progresses.

Em is on a selfish mission. She’s a control freak with a goal that has deception and a lot of death. There’s a reason why the journey down in the caves is paying a lot of money.

Through lies, paranoia, lack of body anatomy and stress they eventually become inflicted with love that pulls them together when it shouldn’t have.

Does love conquer? Read it to find out.

The emotional state of both characters in the story fluctuated but made sense to their situation. Which was really nice to see as emotional responses in stories aren’t always consistent and can make little sense. So, that was really nice to see.

The characters had their flaws, goals and ambitions through the story. They had to be decent as there was only two characters in this thing. So, very grateful for that.

Tunnelers are hyped the fuck up and fizzle out. Unless it’s a way to demonstrate things are usually not as bad as they feel. But the missions, the equipment is all modified and advanced to survive tunnelers so….. there is some piece where they should have been more frightening than what we get.

But I understand the goal of the story was Gyre and Em.

Overall, it was enjoyable but not super fabulous for me. Would I still recommend it? Yeah.

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