I have a handful of good conversations going on in apps. Books, anime, video games and other stuff. I’ve had one person who branched out from online to offline.

Another person who is, I think, is seeing the conversation and where this will lead into more of a caretaker role. As much as that seems sweet it came off for me as weird, awkward and uncomfortable.

I’m chronically ill but I’m not looking for someone to necessarily do that. Like partnerships should work with caring for one another but this sounds….ick.

He does seem genuinely sweet though and would be interesting to meet.

I’ve spoke with a couple of gals. But nothing transpires after a moment. I know one of them we both work a lot so there’s …. not going to be a lot of room yknow. So I got why that one fizzled.

I’ve single for about a month now. I’ve gone on three dates with the same person. He’s going out with I think three other women as well. So, I’m not sure on that route.

Which is fine it’s not serious & I won’t be upset if it doesn’t lead to anything. I’m not sure if I want anything long term.

Just something to keep me busy and out of the house.

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