New Job & Workouts

It feels the job once I get the keys memorized will be easy to do. My manager already placed me in a cubicle near someone who will be able to help when needed. So, glad.

I just have to memorize certain lines due to them legally being required to say. But overall it feel doable. I’ll update on how much I’m going to eat these words lol.

Since I no longer have a way to my physical trainer .. all workouts are at home.

Today I went through an arm workout. My weight is six pounds which is lighter than what I was using at PT.

But it’s okay and works. I don’t have many set backs in regard to recovering from working out this way. I have RA, so it can cause things to flare up.

Which at 6lbs doesn’t seem to flare as much. Doing work and building muscle/ burning fat so it’s all the same.

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