Work Working

My first day on the job was today. I don’t think the trainer was feeling it today. Toward the end she announced that she had a headache so I mean.

Every time I over text my ex with emotional junk. .. I blast Lizzo and workout. Not as punishment I don’t excercise via punishment. I do it to refocus on myself.

I’m frustrated saying bullshit that I know he won’t ever respond to. There won’t be a parade of answers to fit the questions.

It’s like 93 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat index and the humidity is bullshit. I went shopping and was barely mentally coherent.

I purchased $24 worth of groceries. Money that was handed to me by my parents to get by. Two of those items? Small tubs of ice cream. Just something to brighten the say.

Got a thing of ice cream for free. Gave that to my sister. Like holy shir this woman works her ASS OFF. So yes she deserves all the ice cream.

Me after dancing for fifteen minutes. I’m so physically unfit I can’t keep up the beat to any song. But I do what I can.

I gained a lot of progress with my physical trainer and don’t an on losing all that progress.

Does the rest of the evening going to vegge out and then take a shower.

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