Early AM

My sister tells me she’s going to mow the lawn 6a. I awake then to wait for her to tell me she’s coming ’round to mow.

6a, time passes no word. I find a flea and pour loads of flea powder in the yard and the rest on carpet. Then what do I hear? Lawnmower had to urge her not to mow so not to breathe in what I just put down.

We ended up sitting on the porch drinking a nice can of soda. I’ve learned that I like Vanilla Coca cola. I vividly remember disliking this product years ago. But it was a nice surprise.

Watched bugs a plenty make their way to the sunflowers. They’re my most visit flower in my garden. Wasps, bees, butterflies and a hummingbird showed up.

I haven’t seen one here before so I spent the time watching it …while trying to load camera to snap a picture. But missed it.

Sadly, mosquitoes are still going strong so we eventually had to make our way back in.

But it was a nice morning to begin my day.

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