The Luminous Dead update

She could feel eyes burning into her back,
and she couldn’t force the fear away entirely this time. Fear twisted in her belly, helped along by Isolde’s stricken description
of the Tunneler, of what it could do, and of the helplessness she’d felt down here.

Quote above is from the book. Possible spoilers up ahead. Apologies for the possible typos along the way,too. It’s harder for me to catch them on my phone than on desktop.

Currently on page 106 of the book. Gyre has finished watching the videos of the first caver expedition. Things were good then extremely worse for the firsts.

It highlighted the tech differences between the first tests in those caves to now. Or, well, Gyre’s now I should say.

Em isn’t involved in these past few chapters. She left & Gyre doesn’t know if or when she will be back. It’s not helping her paranoia but helping her work towards evidence against Em.

For whatever reasons Gyre keeps feeling like she’s being watched. At first I thought it was about Em tbh. She’s been there always .. so that made sense.

But currently Em is not & she still feels it. Is it just being alone for so long without human contact… well beyond her handler who isn’t a great companion as well… she keeps lying to Gyre. So, for the most part paranoia is justified.

All I understand so far about the tunnelers is they’re deadly when encountered.

They changed their equipment and procedures to survive with them being around. Their suits don’t emit heat .. they don’t eat regular ways /food .. even more bizarre and restricted than astronauts eat. Which makes it seem like these things track via heat and smell. And they dig.

They also sound like possible natural critters to the planet that can’t be stopped so the humans worked to co-exist and not die.

What’s also a nice dose to the anxiety filled of how Gyres doing… my surgical scars are irritated? And it’s not helping me with my own anxiety while reading this.

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