Drug Test

Apologies in Advance… writing this from my phone may not catch typos as easily as I do when I’m on desktop.

Yesterday afternoon began errands. First to wal-mart to obtain money from PayPal to pay rent.

Then across the parking lot to the library to print off the paper for the drug test. Those took a few minutes.

Ten minutes to the drug test facility. Everything’s looking good. I have to pee really bad and had a long wait.

Get back there and I ended up not making enough to fill up to the line. Took two hours and some odd minutes.

My sister had to leave me to get her husband from work. My dad came got me. When I was done it was 3.30. By time dad arrived it was 4.30.

Got home and wanted to nap. But my bladder was not going to stop.

Dad visits for awhile. I find out that my ex had messaged my dad saying he hoped once the dust settled he hoped they could go for a ride.

They were friends. Had motorcycles in common. So, I understand why he messaged him.

I told dad they could ride. Just don’t plan any when I am at their house so I don’t see him. Dad said he couldn’t all he’d be able to do was think about punching him in the face.

He ended the visit, high fives me for getting out there and dating some. ­čśé

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