A lot of Housing Around

I’m anxiously waiting for the email telling me when training begin. I’m praying that training is Monday. Otherwise I’ll have to go sign up for temp work until training happens.

I plan on getting a rod to set on the garden planter hooks I’m using to weave the curtains in.

However, the two in the middle are severely uneven. It was a lot of effort to screw those in manually. I plan on unscrewing them when I get the rod to place so … unevenness stays until further notice.

My dad claims the Shakespeare bookstore painting is crooked. But it’s not as severe or annoyance producing as the curtains so not going to worry about that.

I moved this bookshelf from the other room. It was once my office space. But I have moved my office into my bedroom.

The desk that housed my computer is now my standin entertainment center. And my kitchen table… the new computer desk.

Computer desk would not fit in my bedroom. But the kitchen table did. Plus the computer table fits well with my futon as it’s about leveled. So even I can afford a TV it won’t be so odd.

I have smaller pictures in the once office room now storage but .. I’m not sure where I want them.

I don’t want them in my livingroom. Maybe kitchen… they’re cute but not enough that I want to see them everyday in my livingroom.

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