The Luminous Dead

This contains spoilers and is not a review-review just talking about the book. I apologize in advance for typos I miss. I’m on my phone doing this. Thank you for your understanding.

Currently, I am on chapter 8 of this. It follows a caver named Gyre who is working for a woman named Em.

She was hired on based on lies she told. Em knows that she lied and still hired her on. Why? Bcos this job is apparently non-traditional compared to anything else.

It’s different from what I usually read. It was also hard to get used to the blending of two characters into one perspective. You would be reading about Gyre but then.. the focus on Em.

There is really no separation of the two characters. In think due to Em being operator and communicating through Gyre’s suit.

It’s not a fantastic setting… Gyre is walking through and navigating caves looking for something. Since Em is vague on the details and has no issues with lying to Gyre … what that something really IS hasn’t come to light for me the reader.. just yet.

One thing I do like is the writing around Gyre as she panics about things and cools down/ starts having rational thoughts when things start … not looking so great. She even questions her rational thoughts along the way (like … why is she trying to sympathize with Em to begin with?)

She decided to take this job on bcos it was a lot of money. Enough for her to go find her mom like she wants to. Em uses this, too, to keep her around so she doesn’t back out of the job.

There is blackmail and Em will inject Gyre with things to make her do what she wants… like to keep moving or to go to sleep.

“You drugged me.”

“I did. You were behaving erratically.”

The woman Em, can also control her suit and display what she wants Gyre to see. Which at the beginning was to NOT see the dead bodies abandoned after failed attempts at whatever Em is trying to get at.

Gyre lives on a shit planet and wants to get off the shit planet. This involves more money than she has. So, she took this job. And, it feels like as the chapters progress.. probably not worth the extra funding.

But I guess if you’re desperate to leave and find the parent who left without telling you where she had gone… I could see it as something kind of reasonable.

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