Currently Reading

And! Trying to organize my house. I have accepted that I am single. But I am still working through the depression that is trying to set in from it.

Have hit sixteen days as a single person. First time I have been single in my adult life! Ever.

I have never lived alone before. Thankfully I have cat who is needy af. Though that was frustrating for the first few days as I wanted to be alone.

Currently, I am in the process of reading books. My internet at home has been shut off. The boyfriend paid for it and apparently behind on the bill. So, no internet until then. And, probably going to be no internet soon after it gets paid off anyway.

I do have unlimited data on my cellphone. Which can help with my college classes but will need more internet connection for other aspects of the courses.

But trying to do all of this one step at a time. But needed to get the thoughts out.

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