The Single Life

This is the longest I’ve been single in my adult life. Possibly, considerably rude I tell a friend, “I LIVE A LONE HOW DO I DO THIS.” He responded he has been doing that for years now. Oop.

I’ve never lived alone. Even without a relationship. I have three younger sisters. There was never not alone. I am the first child in this family to live on her own.

And, to be honest, I’m freaking the fuck out. I do have the advantage that my sister lives next door. So, I shouldn’t be freaking out that terribly. You know?

But overall, I freaked out — cussed out and said some terrible things to the ex. I still call him my boyfriend and when we end conversations I still end with, “Love you.” because well, to be honest, I do still. But it’s a habit.

When I first did it .. last Friday I bawled my eyes out as I hung up. Currently, I filed for unemployment which is still under pending.

I’ve had more than enough job interviews this week. I’m trying to get money in. LIKE COME ON LIFE GET WITH IT.

Hope y’alls week is going a lot better.

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