Must Answer Questions Without looking Up Anything (Internet, on shelf or asking someone).

1. Name a book written by an author called Michael.

I…. Read a book to review here with the name Michael Myerhoffer. Don’t qoute me on the name especially not the last name. Book had dragon in the title.

2. Name a book with a dragon on the cover.


3. Name a book about a character called George.

Do nicknames count? I’m going to say nicknames count. FEED by SEANAN MCGUIRE. I’m straight up butchering names. I am sorry but the character in it with the name Georgia who goes by George. I haven’t read them but I know of them because I follow the author on Twitter.

Recently — about a few weeks ago? Could be more she was talking about this character because .. I think that readers were upset with finding out that the character was straight.

4. Name a book written by an author with the surname Smith.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

5. Name a book set in Australia.

I don’t think I’ve read books set in Australia. I know I’ve read australian author books but..

6. Name a book with the name of a month in the title.

October Sky

7. Name a book with a knife on the cover.


8. Name a book with the word ‘one’ in the title.

Ready Player One

9. Name a book with a eponymous title.

Jane Eyre

10. Name a book turned into a movie.

The Hunger Games

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