Review: 36 Colors Magic Clay Nature Color DIY Air Dry Clay with Tools as Best Present for Children Toy for Kids


This is the weirdest clay I’ve ever bought/used

I purchased it for crafts with my nieces. They’re at the age where they’re old enough and I don’t have to worry about them eating things. (Well, kind of).

The colors are cute and useful. But the product is squishy and when it dries it is still squishy and feels like Styrofoam once dried.

It’s air dry clay and one thing that it does well is that.. it does take awhile before it starts to dry out. There is a lot of moisture in the clay, it’s not sticky or slimey or whatever you’d imagine it should/would be.

The drying process for things my nieces created was approx. 24 hours or more.

The tools that come with it are flimsy plastic replicas of actual useful tools for crafty. It’s probably, maybe good for children but my nieces opted to use their hands to form/make their items instead.

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