Review: ImpressArt Metal Stamping Kit – Basic Uppercase (3MM), Ergo-Angle Hammer, Steel Bench Block, Stamping Blanks

I bought this so I could have something where hammering was creating something and not too destructive. This pack came with the stamps, hammer, and circle metal pieces to write shit on it with.

I saw on one of the craft blogs how people use sharpie to darken the words on the designs. I tried it but I preferred how I was doing it — but I did smash the words into the blanks thick enough that you couldn’t mistake the lettering. So, that did help a lot.

It works well enough. The only thing that was frustrating is on the brass hammer is it a screw on / off. While hammering I have to twist it back on after awhile. While it does get scratched up I didn’t notice it interfering with the ability to hammer the letters. I was surprised at how easy it scratched up — as I don’t slam the hammer too aggressively.

This can stamp metals and wood. I haven’t tried wood yet — but will update if/when I do that. Overall, it’s great for I am using it for — as a stress relieve crafting.

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