#GottaCatchHer #NetGalley

Title: Gotta Catch her
Author: Kelly Haworth & on Twitter
Publish Day: April 29, 2019 — out now!
Publisher: NineStar Press
Rating: 🥄🥄🥄


The story revolves around Ann, a project manager with a dog and Rachael a store manager (I think?) with a child.

Ann has a crush on Rachael — after finding one another through Ani-Min — a game that takes people outside to catch virtual animals.

Ann has to balance work — which is intense ATM — and trying to develop a real relationship with Rachael. Can she though?


What drew me into this was their use of a Pokemon Go game/augmented reality game wrapped into a romance story. That and the love interest is a bisexual woman. The conversations and the real life thrown into the story is there and happens naturally.

While we’re seeing Ann in her work environment — it’s often the worse part of the story in my opinion. It talks about things that she’s going to have to do..then she has a conversation about what she’s going to do. So, we’re getting double-dippings of the going ons with her in the job world. I know IRL, that’s literally how you have conversations with your co-workers, especially, if you’re not interested or close to them.

Her interactions with Rachael and her son are quick glimpses before she’s pulled back into her work life. It feels like we’re supposed to be reading about the work life and the writing just remembered in spurts that there was also supposed to be romance.

The writing and the interaction with the characters feel more natural and flow better when it’s focused on the relationship. Overall, it’s a short read — while the romance is slow to come to the surface and things get moving.. it’s good enough read to recommend.

Almost forgot — Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to the publisher / netgalley — free eRead in exchange for a truthful review 🙂

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