Tally’s Cafe

I use doordash — I can’t drive (Yay disabilities!) so when I am at the house with no food in the place (that I can safely make myself) —

I’ve decided to try different places to eat.

Tally’s is the first one that I’ve ordered from more than once. My first order from them was Chicken and Waffles and a homemade cinnamon roll.

If you’ve never ordered from a delivery service. They squash the food into to-go boxes and hope for the best. The waffle and the cinnamon do not fit in the take away containers so… it was kind of messy.

Because of this I ended up eating the chicken and waffle separately. Which was fine because they were both good. The pieces from this place are HUGE. I wasn’t anticipating this as ..well, first time ordering from them.

The cinnamon roll my boyfriend was, “That’s the size for meee” because he eats a lot (if you couldn’t figure out what he meant). But when he got home from work and I brought it out. Eating it together, we didn’t finish it. Honestly, there was too much and we ended up wasting a lot of it.

Next round I ordered onion rings, cheesecake and their burger. I didn’t like the burger enough to rave about it in a blog post. But the onion rings .. they weren’t pretty to look at but were good. The cheesecake wasn’t too sweet and the strawberry topping felt homemade which was pleasant.

I found a video that talks about it:

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