My boyfriend Monday drove 50+ minutes to retrieve this cat. She was a free rehomed kitten. A Tortie, a pattern my boyfriend absolutely loves because our first cat is a Tortie.

We ended up rehoming her Monday. It’s summertime and for me, that means that I am home everyday. School is out so I am. I couldn’t take on the task of keeping up with a baby.

She was highly energetic and liked to snatch my glasses off my face and take off with them. She’d attack me at night and I have no idea what she was doing. But it felt like she was trying to dig through my face. I think it was just apart of her nightly zooms but it would keep me up most of the night.

Sleeping is part of my pain management and if I’m not sleeping it means I’m in more pain. Plus, our older cats weren’t amused by him bringing a smaller cat into the fold.

Our older tortie went ballistic on her and our Torbie. She’s still readjusting after the Ziva went to her other home. She’s still smacking our Torbie and grumping around. But she’s slowly coming back around.

We’re excited that she’s going to the home she is. They have a chiweenie and will have more energy to interact with her than we did.

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