Arizona Mexican Restaurant Desserts

I haven’t ate any of the main courses from this restaurant. Can’t tell ya anything about them. I ordered the desserts after dinner because I was feeling snackish a few weeks back.

I ordered Cheesecake Chimichanga — didn’t like this at all. It’s not pictured. Sounded good in theory, a wrapped cheesecake but it didn’t have a dessert feel to it. Recipe for that is .. here.

Sopapillas, Bonuellos, Churros. and I spent way more than what I am proud of on these.

Sopapilla is the middle image — fried pastry that is covered in cinnamon/butter. They’re soft. And, I ate them all.

Churros, here they’re fried cinnamon covered and filled with a creme. I do not like Churros with filling in them but this was tasty enough that .. I overlooked it. But a blog post from someone about Churros .. here

Bonuellos, tortilla topped with sugar, cinnamon, butter and honey. I ended up eating Bobby’s because they were good. Everyone else is written Buñuelos but on this restaurant they have it bonuellos.

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