#TheFriendZone #NetGalley

This is going to be short and sweet because…

I had a lengthy post set up ready to go and wordpress ate it. I know I should write my post somewhere more save — I KNOW AND I DIDN’T DO IT.

This book is called, “The Friend Zone” written by Abby Jimenez. Publisher, Forever, which I think is the first book I’ve requested from them. I follow the author on Facebook because she bakes cakes and is funny. A win to my heart. Thankfully, I “wished” for it and was given it. Here’s my super fucking late review over it.

This book does a great balance of the characters Kristen and Josh, pining over/lusting over each other through the book. I absolutely enjoy that in a story. Which can frustrate and annoy some readers. I fell for the story when I discovered that the main character has a medical condition. She has fibroids in her uterus that prevents her from living a regular life. She built a business that helped her live life as comfortably as possible.

One thing that irked me about Kristen is she’s sold as this no nonsense, tell it like it is character. But the emotional struggle that they are going through is that she’s not being “tell it like it is” with what is going on with her.

I understand where she’s coming from with it to an extent. But at 71% I yelled, “FUCKING TELL HIM ALREADY” at the book as if this would help anything. Around 75% something tragic happens that crashes their life to a bunch of as I told my boyfriend when I dropped the book on my desk: TO A BUNCH OF MUMBLING BULLSHIT.

Did it make sense at the time? Yes. Cos it was bullshit. I was pissed. I left the book for awhile because I was angry with the outcome of their best friend’s story. Like, they weren’t the main focus they were best friends of Josh & Kristen. Solid side characters who really didn’t deserve the way the story bullshit was moving toward. AND IT GOT WORSE.

I enjoyed the read and was SO PISSED when I got to the end of the book and found out what we were going to be reading in Spring 2020.

just clarification i wasn’t calling the author a bitch. just my feels when I read the end pages.

When I let my mom borrow the paperback she asked if this was X-Rated. I told her roughly R-rated when it came to the sex scene. There is A LOT OF CUSSING. As someone who cusses to the point it seems like I need to or I’ll stop breathing – I was fine with. For anyone else? It may cause you to stop reading the book and never come back. But you’ve been warned.

Thank you, Forever and Netgalley – “wished for it” and got it – in exchange for an honest review.

RANT THAT DOESN’T REALLY PERTAIN TO A REVIEW but I can’t help but rant once in awhile.

.. There was ranting about how they depicted Josh’s ex and fertility. I did not feel that they negatively portrayed his ex. She didn’t come back and try to set his house on fire. She didn’t want children and he had hoped after a few years she’d change her mind. But she didn’t, so he left. Big deal. To have children or not is a big deal in a relationship and I understood where she and him… were not compatible. She needed a man (or woman) who felt that the same, who enjoyed being with without the looming “ HAVE CHILDREN” over their head.

Now, onto Kristen. She was settling with Tyler because he didn’t want children and she couldn’t have children. From this I gathered that Kristen did want children but because she couldn’t she was going to settle being with someone who didn’t. I mean, literally no pressure to try to have children because well, he doesn’t want them.

Her infertility and the ending, was believable for me. IUDs fail, you can have children in the worse physical condition in the world. Cos’ our bodies are dumb and does stupid shit to us in general. Yes, you can have a terrible disease/health problem and your pregnancy calms the bad symptopms or even temporarily removes them. WHY? Because our bodies are stupid. Anyway, I have RA and it can possibly stop or lessen due to pregnancy – this isn’t some fairyale bullshit.

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