It’s Raining Again

A few days ago I told the boyfriend that I would have to go back to hand watering the flowers. I put a pesticide on my plants that day as well to keep the things from eating my garden.

Then, the next day a downpour. I’ll eventually have to reapply the pesticide. It’s raining again. Now, today, it’s gloomy reminding us of what is looming around the corner.

Most of our summers are dry. I spent the first half of spring hand watering the garden. We don’t have a place to put a hose outside. So, I have to carry a watering can to and from the kitchen repeatedly to help. I purchased one that when filled up won’t be tedious for me to carry and that I can successfully do it on my own.

My garden has its own world within it. Okay. Usually when I’ve garden previously there wasn’t so much extra bugs and critters who thrived with it. I’m not sure why but we didn’t have a population come ’round like we do here.

We also have black widows who’ve decided to live in the garden. So, I’m having to be extra cautious with it. Definitely not used to sketchy bugs living in a garden I’m working in. I probably should get a pesticide for that but we have outside animals and birds that I’m not sure how terribly that will do .. and just hesitant.

I am familiar with applying pesticide to a property, plants, etc. It’s fairly easy and I know the precautions to take to make sure I don’t die while doing it. But it’s still a hassle to deal with. So, I guess, until I am having to physically fling myself into the sun because a widow landed on me.. I’ll just keep eyes out.

I didn’t plant items that needed excessive water to thrive. That’s how dry our summers are and now… now I could have other veggies but whatever.

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