Chili Attacked

Image is a close up of a planter, black caterpillar next to chili plants.
Perp who ate my plants.

The weather has warmed up. Critters are out. And, this lil’ one ate clean through one half of my plants. Working toward getting that pest situation in control.

We are still working on the mosquito population — again the floods ruined the outdoors for us.. and it seems like it’s never going to end. We turn the zapper on every day and there’s still.

Image of a tabby cat standing on top of a wooden planter full of purple /white flowers. Cat is looking through a fence.
Dot standing on top of planter viewing our neighbors yard. So many “What if”s but she thankfully wandered somewhere else. She has a tendency of getting into places that she struggles/we struggle to help her get out of.

I don’t want to purchase more chemicals than needed but the amount of ’em is getting.. ridiculous. I may budge and do that. But until then, I’ll continue putting on OFF! and our TIKI lamps / zapper… and sit out as long as I can until fear of ZIKA or whatever else is out there.

I mean Mosquitoes are the most notorious mass murderers in this world.

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