#TheRaceToSpace #NetGalley

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A children’s nonfiction book that discusses how we got to the space age. It starts with the wars, Russia and the USA to the moon. It is informational dense with illustrations to break apart the text.

I remember when nonfiction text meant real life pictures. Is it easier to have someone do illustrations than have images from the time period? I don’t know enough of that to comment on it.

It keeps text readable and easy to digest. There is no cartoonish fonts or odd placed text that would make younger readers struggle to read/comprehend the text. Which is a positive mark in my book when it comes to books, especially, nonfiction books.

Why it’s good not to Silly, curly or overly decorative fonts: It can be hard for students to decipher which prevents them from being able to engage with the text.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Downloaded through Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

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