Garden Updates

The purple leafy flower has now created an extension of itself and is developing flowers around it. I’ve grown these flowers before (Lord I can’t remember the name right now) and never done this before. The other leaves haven’t either, yet, this one has. It’s hilariously sturdy with limited support (heh).

Finally purchased two more pots for the others that were abandoned. It started down pouring, then flooding which after awhile you stop worrying about planting flowers. The one that is bare to the right is full with itty bitties.

Marigolds, buttons or the other I had planted when the school year was near ending. But I didn’t track which flowers I was growing in the bag, then small pot and now they’re all in there. I am hoping the room allows for more growth.

If it hadn’t been for the flooding waters over two weeks ago.. I don’t believe I would have had THIS AMOUNT of growth in such a short time.

My chilis that I didn’t take a picture this round are the most. I’ve never grown any before so I don’t know how long until I get something edible. But there is a lot of life in the window box.

My boyfriend is worried because it’s as if all the chilis are chili’ing — THERE IS A LOT OF LIFE HAPPENING IN THE BOX. He is fearful we’re going to be the people going ’round to neighbors offering chili’s. Which is understandable as there are only two people who live here. And, I am growing a lot.

I filled the entire thing with seeds because usually when it comes to growing food… I can’t usually get anything so I wanted to make sure. Flowers? Always. Food not so much.

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