Offtopic: Books & Floods

We are back to the house. Our mayor is saying that we’re still not out of the bad stuff just yet. But it’s nice to be home. I understand why people wait until the very last minute to evacuate an emergency. Everything is better when you’re at home. Even if you’re going to risk getting injured or die because of staying home.

Signed up for my local library adult reading program. Read 4 books, earn prices, one of which is a Space mug. So, crossing fingers. I am currently reading

The Farmer’s Bride by Kathleen Fuller

It’s not my usual kind of read. But it’s a light and fluffy book about a group of Amish folk and their life. I’ll be writing up the review and posting it tonight. Need to have the review out early before it’s published. But for something I don’t normally read it’s been good. Plus, it’s going to go toward my 4 books for the summer reading program –wooohoo!!

How’s your reading list going this summer?

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