Women’s Slip-On Shoes Casual Mesh Walking Sneakers Comfortable Shoes

Amazon shoes. I needed new shoes. I am usually too afraid to buy shoes off the internet. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

My amazon review here. When I first purchased them I tried cancelling the order. That was a lot of cash to put down on a shoe I had no previous experience with.

But they came in and they’re now one of my favorite shoes. They’re light. They’re not light enough that they don’t feel like you’re wearing shoes. You definitely get the “I am wearing a shoe” feeling through the day. But I can wear them when my feet swell and still can function.

They also looked nice enough with my outfits at work that I still looked professional. I wear tennis shoes without regret when I work but I have been working on looking the part. It took me two years to find a full time job, I don’t want to have to do that over again because of my health.

Thankfully, since purchasing this shoe I’ve found some more flats that are great for my feet. I’ll add those once I dig them out and can add more information.

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