Classroom activities with scrabble and storage container

500 scrabble pieces. I wanted to use them for Christmas gift but I never got the energy up to do it. I ended up using them for the classroom. They were used to have students build the word and write the word in the spelling station when they were with me.

I organized them into this:

I had way too many scrabble pieces due to the fact they were supposed to be turned into class size + family ornaments that never happened. So, I ended up having to buy two of these cases to hold the pieces that I had.

The amount of pieces helped feel relief if students happened to loose or steal the pieces. There was more than enough to go around.

With the case it helped students work through figuring out alphabetical order. It also helped students with learning organization through putting things back where they were found.

Next school year I plan on introducing this earlier than I did in my first year. I feel like it helped students focus a lot more than anticipated. They wanted to work with these and spelling felt less of a fight.

We used white boards. So, students would organize the letters into their spelling words then write them on a white board. My students struggled with handwriting and remembering their letters when they wrote. Through using this alongside white boards.. and to be honest markers they improved their writing A LOT. And, it helped with memory.

My principal was a “Pencil always” kinda person. But we often ignored that to get better results. Always had better spelling tests at the end of the week when I let them use markers over a pencil. I don’t know what the difference was but…that’s that.

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