And, then there was floods.

Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s currently having flooding in various parts of town. For the most part it’s happening down river away from me. We first evacuated Tuesday. Went to my mom’s while we were in a tornado warning. While there were tornadoes just down the road from where we were driving.

We had police over intercoms advising those in our neighborhood to start evacuating. So, we did. Well, Wednesday came around and someone who lives near us stated that everything is fine. There’s no flooding in our neighborhood. Boyfriend went to check to see if that was true .. and it was.

Flood maps indicated that where we live, we’re fine. Even if they up the water release where we are is fine. Last night we had rain. It didn’t feel like enough to give much worry about.

We reassured his family that we are by a levee. We’re fine. Everything is fine. We have a giant pond behind our house because of rainwater and nothing to do with the Arkansas River. That’s the extent of our flooding.

I wake up to find out that we’re still not 100% in the clear. Every day I think we’re good and then we’re notified that no.. we’re not good. I panicking message my family asking WHERE am I. Am I west of downtown? I am aware I am in the west. But is it west of downtown? Had I been on a computer and not on my phone I would have noticed that my street is in fact.. it where they are concerned with.

They’re going to keep the levels that they’re releasing. They’re not going to stop releasing water any time soon. But from what I can understand they’re not going to increase the rate of the release. So, there’s that. Not bad

The levees to the west of downtown were built in 1940. They haven’t had this much water on them since 1986. They haven’t had this amount of water for this long of a period, either. According to the Facebook post, “This will be the longest test the levee network has ever had.”

They want those of us who live by these two particular levees to evacuate for a few days just in case. They’ve explained that they’re just being super cautious about the environment that we are dealing with. To evacuate just as a precaution.

They’re going to have more police presence down by us to watch our houses and let us know if we need to evacuate. They’re going to be around to also keep eyes on the housing just in case .. for those who are volunteering to evacuate now. So, we don’t have the possibility of looters. Which is nice. When we were evacuating Tuesday, we had looters already out in my neighborhood. That’s how opportunistic these folks are. Most of us weren’t even fully evacuated yet and they were already eyeballing the place.

There was an increase of patrols Tuesday as well so that seemed to help with the wandering.

Now, I am home waiting for my sister to come back with the car key. I need to start taking precaution and prep for possibility of need to evacuate.

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