#IlikeToEatChildren #NetGalley

Can buy here.

Title: I Like to Eat Children
Author: Reagan Rothe
Illustrator: Drew Rose
Publish Day: Oct. 4, 2014 — so available for purchase!
Publisher: Black Rose Writing


If your young child likes spooky lite — this is a good one. It is available under Kindle Unlimited as well. I downloaded this through Netgalley, as I am auto approved with Black Rose Writing. I liked the cover so wanted to look at it. This would have fit perfectly with my students this school year. They liked anything and everything that would fit nicely under Halloween.

The illustrations in this story are “spooky” enough and silly that will help make the story seem too frightening. I mean, it IS about a spooky monster thing that likes to each children.

One excited note: one of the children is a wheel chair user.

Overall this story was cute and perfect for the kiddos who like a little scary read.

This is downloaded freely in exchange for an honest review. There are amazon affiliate links embedded in my blog. Thank you so much.

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