#Spoonie: Personal Trainer

Apparently, in the year 2012-ish based on Facebook messages I went to physical therapy. Didn’t realize it was seven years ago since I was sent to physical therapy.

I told my sisters that I would never go back to physical therapy. It was a useless and super expensive thing that didn’t result in anything. (Other than debt).

This year I decided to look into a fitness trainer who could…make it like what a physical therapy. Y’know similar to what physical therapy should be and build from there.

So, far moving into the third month of working with them. It seems to be progressing well enough. I do still have symptoms of whatever is wrong with me. My neck pain is trying to come back with the more weights I use and the more arm workouts.

Since it’s back it lets me know that there is something going on with my neck. It’s been going on for seven years now. But since I wasn’t showing much to do about it ..thought it went away. It really does only happen when I lift anything heavy.

Thirteen / twelve pounds feels almost light again. I am super excited about all of this and everything that is rolling by because of this. I do plan on making a doctor appointment to start addressing my neck issues. So, crossing my fingers that this summer will come with answers.

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