Garden part 2

EXCUSE ME. I did not clean up the yard before I started taking pictures. I purchased “fairy lights” that are solar powered. They took their sweet time charging before I finally got to witness them. Also my boyfriend decided to get goofy when I was taking a picture of the lights.

I like that they’re now shining that it shows what a shit job that I did at putting them up. On the first blog post here, I think I wrote about how I wasn’t sure about them yet. I even sent for a return label so that I could return them. It took them about a week to charge. I thought I received duds and just wanted to return and try again.

They put off a lot more light than I had anticipated and glad to see.

Lights can be found here.

I purchased them on Amazon like I do most things. I am positively disabled and shopping the way abled folk can regularly… just isn’t possible for me. The first one with my boyfriend that light is from these:

The house we are renting does NOT have any outside lighting. This house was built around the 1930s and has only had a couple of updates. The one being a shower/bathroom. The other is a breaker/electricity to withstand new age power needs.

I live in Tulsa which has issues with keeping streets lit. We are supposedly getting more streetlights on and running but I’m not holding my breath. ANYWAY back to gardening.

In my class we started flowers. I have two clear plastic cups that still growing flowers from then. I am planning on planting them in a pot later on. I am too scared to touch them that they’ll just… .panic and die on me.

The recently planted seeds.. I should have started them in the house but I WANTED IT DONE. I have a feeling have been flooded out. It’s rained so hard here recently there’s been sporadic flooding (thankfully nothing crazy).

Currently, I am waiting for someone to come and mow the garden area so I can navigate it safely. It’s been raining so much that there hasn’t been a lot of time to do such things. So, just more anxious and ready to get going with it.

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