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When I found out that I was being let go I was devastated. I planned on creating an outdoor space to hang out in over the summer. There was going to be a need for somewhere that I could distress as I started job hunting again.

I am chronically ill so I was needing a way to do this without a lot of back-breaking intensive –a n y t h i n g.

I was able to purchase:

I have discovered that the porch on the other side is decent size. Since we don’t use it to enter/leave the house… I decided to put this there. I was nervous because it does have mixed reviews. It came to us in good condition, everything is sturdy and nothing busted. It fits perfectly on our porch.

The patio bistro set in my “front” yard.

My boyfriend and I moved into this rent house last July. I started a new job at the beginning of August so didn’t wander over to this space that much since. It didn’t help when we moved here there was a TON of wasps over there. I wasn’t going to deal with it.

Anyway, seating for me is a complication because I deal with fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Means things have to be comfortable or I feel like I am being tortured. Thankfully, this is comfortable enough for what I need it. I can sit here for 10-20 minutes and have no issues. I haven’t sat in it longer than 20 minutes (I can’t be in the sun very long due to medication.. I’ll fry).

The cat pots I got from Walmart and the tiki thing from Dollar General.

You can see the Backyard X-scape fencing in the background on some of the images. The house next door is starting to get a lot more visits from whoever owns it. I suspect that it was recently purchased and they’re house flippers. It seems that they’re fixing it up or I’m basing that off the noise I hear on the other side of the fence.

It’s not a thick and can see through it. But it gives enough to the illusion of privacy for sitting out, watering plants or whatever. I can’t really afford anything heavier and wouldn’t be able to work with something heavier. My sister had to help me put this thing up. Not that my boyfriend wouldn’t help assemble something but it’s my desire to pretty up the side of the house on my own accord.

The barrel that is shown in the picture. It’s big, slightly heavy — with the assistance of my sister I was able to fill it with dirt, plant the flowers and she moved it to the sunny point of my yard for me. I wish I had saw these before purchasing my first two pots. I like the roominess and the fact that there are decent already drilled holes in this.

I plan on getting another one to plant the flowers that I couldn’t fit in the planters that I purchased on the last check. I over purchased flowers. Plus, I have seeds that I plan on starting this week.

I purchased a couple pots that don’t have draining holes that I’ll have to get someone to cut holes into because… that is above my ability to do. But overall, this has been the best distraction — while pricy at first I’ll be using it a lot over summer break.

What do you do when you’re stressing out?


  1. I love your cat pots. Have you been able to spend some time on your porch? We screened in a small backyard porch last year. Hungry, aggressive mosquitoes have been a problem here in St. Louis for the past couple of years. But I have enough space on my porch for two chairs, a table, and my laptop. It is my favorite place to sit.

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