#LittleWitches #NetGalley

Title: Little Witches

Author: Leigh Dragoon

Oni Press

Publish Day: August 29, 2019



Way I see it as I read: An Alternate reality of Little Women. It’s a graphic novel that tells the tale of sister witches who get new neighbors…witch finders.


I have never finished the original. I had it on my Goodreads Currently read list for years. I finally took it off of there out of pure shame of it all. It’s not bad it’s something that I should have read when I was a kid. It gets shoved to the side for a newer, shinier book. Instead of reading the original… I read Little Witches a comic adaptation of the original. Do you see what I mean?

It’s not that I don’t love the story it’s just… haven’t finished. However, this mixes in fantasy of witches and an alternative reality of sorts. Which is in my ball park. I couldn’t afford comic books or graphic novels growing up. Libraries around me didn’t house any — they’re more popular to have around these days and easier to access. I find them AMAZING for children and for adults (cos hello!).

This was a fun and interesting read. I’ve provided 2 amazon affiliated links to find the pre-order — as this doesn’t come out until August 29th. It’s available on Netgalley at the moment to request to download and review though.

The girls get a new neighbor — witch finders. Witches aren’t hidden and are seen and known. The service that witch finders provide is to help against the witches who don’t follow the laws.

At the beginning of the story their neighbor explains he became a Witch Finder because in the south… slave owners abused their powers and used them against their slaves.

Overall I like the tone, pacing and the story line. As the spoons above indicate I give this a 4 spoon out of 5. I would recommend for those who have read Little Women or who have tried to read it and haven’t got through it yet.

Thank you for allowing me the time to read and review this for free in exchange for an honest review.

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